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This Moment is your Life

Last seen as part of Deloitte Ignite 2009 under the curation of Time Out Magazine, Ben Wright’s original creation for the 2008 Place Prize Semi Finals, is rapidly achieving cult status. Swirling in a world of 70’s disco grooves and glitter, big flares and big hair, Wright takes audiences on a journey from nothing to something spectacular in 15 minutes.


“This Moment is Your Life is a piece that evokes
how people’s first connections with dance are joyful, physical ones...Wright’s piece - essentially a mass disco dancing class, gives participants a chance to rediscover those instincts...Freedom, order, dressing up and mirror-balls; – pretty much the ingredients
to a happy life, definitely the ingredients for a joyous 15 minutes."

Time Out

What the press are saying

"A terrific disco quicky!"



"...Best of all, however, was This Moment is Your Life, Ben Wright’s exceptionally neat, glittery take on disco dancing and the wittiest case of audience participation in ages."

The Times


"Ben Wright utilizes his passion for helping
non-dancers loose their inhibitions"

The Radio Times


"...a giddily energising exercise in audience involvement"


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